Last October, DIETSWELL announced the award of € 2.8 million from ADEME dedicated to the EOLFLOATTM project for the detailed design of the TRUSSFLOATTM floater. This development of semi-submersible float for large capacity offshore wind turbines is part of the Investissement d’Avenir (PIA) program of the Commissariat Général à l’Investissement of the French government.

In this program, DIETSWELL is the leader of a consortium of French companies, including MATIERE for construction engineering and OCEANIDE for basin testing. The past months have been fruitful, as DIETSWELL has been progressing on its TRUSSFLOATTM solution, which now comes with three major updates in its commercialization outlook:

  • – TRUSSFLOATTM design equipped with a 6 MW wind generator has been validated with coupled simulations against typical site conditions taking into account the aero loading on the wind turbine and the hydrodynamics loads on the float. With this last piece in the picture, DIETSWELL solutions now meet all requirements for offshore developments.
  • – Adaptation of TRUSSFLOATTM to harsh environment (winds, swell, tide) of Atlantic Ocean. With this ‘’TOUGH VERSION’’, this unique floater fits with all kind of oceans conditions in the world,
  • – Design of a TRUSSFLOATTM based version capable of hosting a 12 MW generator according to the expected size given by the industry.

Already contacted for projects in France, Europe and Asia, DIETSWELL demonstrates its ability to create a major value potential for the offshore wind turbines worldwide industry.

Dismantling of the main bridge; dismantling of the structure. 

For the first step, there is the question of rehabilitating the drilling rig still present on the platform or using another unit. For the Gaviota platform, it was decided to rehabilitate the existing drilling rig in order to carry out well maintenance operations. However, the problem would have been the same if it had been to stop and abandon the wells. It will first be a general presentation of the “decommissioning” offshore platforms and problems to be solved and then an example of rehabilitation of a drilling rig on an offshore platform to make operations on wells.