DIETSWELL is the winner of ADEME for the financing of 2.4 M€ of the EOLFLOAT Project

DIETSWELL announces that it is the winner of ADEME for a financing of 2.4 M€ dedicated to the project EOLFLOAT of which it is the leader. This project for a semi-submersible float for large-scale offshore wind turbines falls within the framework of the French Investment Commission’s Investment for the Future (PIA) program. It concerns the call for projects ” Renewable energies at sea and pilot river hydrological farms ”. 

Dietswell had already secured a financing of 0.5 M€ from Bpifrance in 2016 for the pre-project phase. In this program, DIETSWELL is the leader of a consortium of French companies, including MATIERE for construction engineering and OCEANIDE for basin testing. This contract is a step in the deployment of DIETSWELL in renewable energies with strong prospects for near commercialization. 

The concept presented has been the subject of 17 months of studies and basin tests and leads to a very successful solution in terms of economy and performance. The ADEME phase will optimize the design of the semi-submersible with the cooperation of OCEANIDE for the hydrodynamic performance verified in test basin and MATIERE for the construction studies to allow a launch in manufacturing by the end of 2018. 

This ADEME financing will enable to:

  • Optimize the semi-submersible in terms of hydrodynamic performances
  • Perform complementary test in basin by OCEANIDE
  • Carry out construction studies with MATIERE
  • Optimize the construction costs
  • Produce detailed plans and specifications ready to build at the end of 2018

The proposed solution is remarkable in several respects:

  • Excellent static stability
  • Very good resistance to the sea with negligible rolling/pitching/heaving movements, very near zero for a period of 10 seconds
  • Optimal constructability
  • Easy towing from a quay with the wind turbine installed and commissioned on the float
  • Anchorage lines pre-layed on the sea floor and easily connected to the float on the final site
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to the simplicity of a static ballasting system

Jean-Claude Bourdon, CEO and founder of DIETSWELL, commented: “The recognition by the French government through its ADEME Futures Investments program of our EOLFLOATTM project marks the beginning of a new era for DIETSWELL. Already recognized for its know-how and references in the field of design and manufacture of equipment for offshore oil and gas projects, DIETSWELL now integrates the field of actors of a gigantic market of renewable energies wishing to benefit from the half-century of oil offshore experience. 

By putting our expertise in the design of floating systems at the service of industrialization of a semi-submersible floating support for large offshore wind turbines, we have demonstrated our ability to create a major value potential for DIETSWELL in terms of future developments on which is now the second growth axis of the company, with our historical activities in the O&G sector. 

Backed by a stabilized shareholding, DIETSWELL is now completely restructured and reorganized around two departments: 

  • A historic department O & G with excellent reputation with its customers and a wellestablished sales network, DIETSWELL remains pole-positioned to quickly take advantage of the inevitable and gradual recovery of exploration and production investments of all operators in the O & G sector.
  • A "New Energies" department which will find in the solid financial structure of the company the means of its financing, supplemented if necessary by original formulas that we know how to identify in order to accelerate the rise in power of this new axis of creation of value. "
Learn more about EOLFLOAT 

The 1/36th scale model of the TRUSSFLOAT semi-submersible floating platform was tested successfully in March in the Océanide basin at Seyne-sur-Mer. The environmental conditions in terms of current, swell and wind were faithfully reproduced. These tests validated the hydrodynamic behavior of the float compared to numerical simulations, particularly under extreme conditions

In particular, the triangular base of 50 meters large and 28 meters in height of the float allow TRUSSFLOAT to adapt to any type of high-power wind turbine of 6 to 8 MW two blades downwind or three blades upwind. By simply extrapolating the concept to a slightly larger size, this float will be able to support wind turbines up to 13 MW. Ultimately, these large capacity turbines will have blades that can measure more than 200 meters in diameter and whose deployment will only be possible in floating version and far away from the shore. 

This € 4.6 million EOLFLOAT project extends from engineering to detailed construction studies, including basin trials for validation of the TRUSSFLOAT concept at sea, once optimized, using a reduced scale model. The TRUSSFLOAT float, all in steel, simple and light, based on a concept operationally proven for 50 years in the petroleum industry, could be launched at the end of 2018 in a commercial version.

The world market for floating wind power offers excellent prospects: 80% of the wind is only accessible to wind turbines with floating foundations. To date, the world market is estimated at 280+ GW within a 50 km limit of the coasts, this represents the equivalent of 28 000 wind turbines of 10 MW, or about 900 billion euros of CAPEX. 

 The benefits of floating offshore wind power installed in waters further from the coast are numerous: 

  • Benefit from better quality winds
  • Decrease in the LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) linked to larger infrastructures
  • Ease of installation and dismantling
  • Increased limitation of visual and sound impacts, reduction of the impact on the seabed

Within this framework, TRUSSFLOAT :

  • Embodies DIETSWELL experience in offshore Oil & Gas, to fit in the very promising offshore floating wind market, with a construction as early as end 2018
  • It is conceived for a minimum structural weight, with an easy modular steel construction worldwide
  • It is recognized through three patents and the ADEME support
  • Boasts a high competitiveness :

– Limited CAPEX and OPEX

– Maximized electricity production, thanks to a “turbine-friendly” float, almost motionless in the swell, therefore not impacting the turbine. 

Note: The EOLFLOAT project is supported by ADEME as part of the future investment projects of the French government’s Commissariat General for Investment

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