Dietswell Solutions

DIETSWELL SOLUTIONS is the engineering branch of DIETSWELL, specialized in the design of all main parts of the process related to both ONSHORE and OFFSHORE Oil and Gas E&P design, from well engineering to interface with production and well servicing.

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Its expertise and skills extend to all elements gravitating around drilling itself, as naval architecture or facilities design. These services range from R&D and conceptual study to detailed engineering and construction follow-up.

In interactions with other branches from DIETSWELL, DIETSWELL SOLUTIONS’ staff also performs surveys, equipment integrity analysis, assessments and other field related services.

Thanks to its expertise, DIETSWELL SOLUTIONS has been developing a significant know-how and extensive databases.

Moreover, its flexible structure ensures a high reactivity and adaptability to meet the needs of its customers.

DIETSWELL SOLUTIONS capacities and skills revolve around several axes:

  • Rig Design
  • Rig Modification / Refurbishment
  • WellBay / Drilling Pad
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Others