Semi-Submersible Tender Assisted Drilling


The objective of the project is to design a tender to assist a TLP (Tensioned Leg Platform) for the drilling of 24 wells to 8500m max in 800m of water. DIETSWELL designed a STAD (Semisubmersible Tender Assisted Drilling) to install the Drilling Equipment Set on the TLP while all other drilling equipment would remain on the STAD.

Simultaneous drilling and coiled tubing operations were a driver to the design. The entire DES (Drilling Equipment Set) has been designed so that coiled tubing injector head can be installed on BOP floor and both operations can be performed without interfering with each other. In order to accommodate the 13m height coiled tubing injector head, the drill floor level was set at 45m above sea level. The main crane is designed to install the DES. The auxiliary crane is designed for usual daily operations.