Rig Inspection & Audits

FACTORIG is an independent DIETSWELL division, focused on the delivery of rig inspection and QHSE auditing services. FACTORIG completed its first rig inspection in 2002 and has since that date audited hundreds of onshore and offshore drilling units for International, National and Independent Oil Companies across the globe.

Our mission is to help our customers eliminate present and minimize future operational risks. We fulfil that duty by providing customised services that respond to our customer’s operational needs in real time in accordance with the most rigorous industry standards. Our services are ISO9001, ISO/TS29001 and ISO14001 certified.

Our inspectors have several decades of experience with major drilling contractors, and are commitment to the FACTORIG Quality Systems and Methodology.

We provide customised inspection and audit services, delivered by knowledgeable inspectors, using high tech reporting software. A proprietary software has been developed for each product line to ensure that our teams are equipped with the best tools to execute their tasks on the client site.

For more information on our inspection and auditing services please visit the dedicated FACTORIG website : www.factorig.com