TrussFloat animated video – version for 2 bladed turbines

You are now watching the version of the float designed for the 2B-Energy turbine, the 2B6.

With TrussFloat, you will have the keys because it can host any “standard” wind turbine with 2 or 3 blades , with lattice or tower mast.


TrussFloat – Float for offshore wind turbine – 3 blades version


TrussFloat – Float for offshore wind turbine – 2 blades version

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TrussFloat – Pitches Innovation @ CNE 2017 with ARKOLIA

Fabien Frémont, Project Manager at Dietswell, and Laurent Bonhomme, President of Arkolia, met at the 8th edition of the CNE (2017) in Paris to tell us more about the TrussFloat project.

Throughout this video, different points are discussed, such as the financial partners, the evolution of the project, its advantages and its future perspective of evolution.

“The naval behavior of the float will allow the wind turbine to have maximized availability and thus decrease the LCOE” – Fabien Frémont

“We have a floating system that behaves similarly to a posed system” – Fabien Frémont

“The float is able to withstand cyclonic storms like Irma” – Laurent Bonhomme

“In the long term, floating wind will be cheaper than offshore wind power” – Laurent Bonhomme

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EolFloat – Tank Tests – S1 2017

DIETSWELL is proud to present you the tank tests conducted at Oceanide (S1-2017)

1/36 floater tested under 100-year conditions with @ 2B-Energy 2B6 wind turbine.

The tests did prove successful and underline that EolFloat will be a key player for the future of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine!

More info to come in the near future.


English Version – Long

La société DIETSWELL est fière de vous présenter l’essai en bassin de l’EolFloat effectué à dans les locaux  d’Oceanide.

Les tests ont été couronnés de succès et soulignent que l’EolFloat sera un acteur clé pour l’avenir de l’éolienne flottante!

Le projet étant en constant évolution, des informations additionnelles vous seront transmises dans un futur proche.


French version – Short

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EolFloat hits the news

Tank tests at Oceanide have been broadcasted on local TV (credits to France Television)

Some shortcuts have been made in the news. The object of the tests is the floater itself, which has proved its capacity to survive the 100 years Mediterranean storm.


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