key drivers

Dietswell - offshore drilling rig (7)


The Offshore Drilling market will be a priority for us in the coming years. As this market segment grows bigger and goes deeper, so will the operating challenges. The development of new technologies and innovative drilling units will be necessary for operators to overcome the increasingly challenging technical hurdles facing Energy companies in their search for the future offshore O&G reserves. We intend to apply our problem-solving skills and drilling expertise to one single goal: providing cost-effective drilling solutions that will enable our clients to operate in the most complex drilling environments.


integrated services

Our products will result from a dynamic R&D program, which has and will continue to focus on modular offshore drilling units. Safety, environmental concerns and operational efficiency are at the center of our engineering process. Our recent achievements have included the development, under the patronage of major O&G operators, of the Semi-Submersible Tender Assisted Rig – Horse Shoe Rig, the Modular Floating Unit – MODFU – and the development of a Modular Floating Barge fitted with our versatile hydraulic RCR land rig technology for the exploration of stranded offshore reserves in lakes and swamps.



 We strongly believe that the wide-ranging nature of our drilling expertise creates valuable synergies for our clients. Our interdisciplinary capabilities, which range from rig and well engineering to operations management, enable us to provide comprehensive project management services to clients. This multi-faceted approach and knowledge base is essential for the development of drilling solutions that overcome the prohibitive technical, logistical and operational constraints faced by Operators in frontier drilling environments. Our ability to add value at all major phases of the drilling cycle provides us with the opportunity to deliver integrated engineering and drilling operations services.