Potential of floating wind

As part of the energy mix, floating wind has a bright future, in which Dietswell’s Trussfloat will be a major player.

General willingness for growth of new energies contribution in mix including wind

Offshore wind as main renewable energy source in the years to come

  • Main sources in USA, Europe and Japan
  • Governmental support

Floating wind fully triggers this potential, with development opportunities

  • Busy pre-commercial pipe: 340 MW in 9 projects by 2022 (Wind Europe, 2017 ; NREL, 2017)
  • Strong perspectives: 80% of offshore wind accessible only in floating (CarbonTrust, 2015)
  • Huge potential: 280+ GW @ max 50km from shore (FEE, 2016, BearingPoint 2016)