About The Rig Alliance

We are pleased to announce the Alliance of our three firms, Xwells, Fact-O-Rig and Kingston Systems. As one unit we are now able to offer a single one-stop shop of industry rig inspection specialists to meet all of your rig intake needs regardless of your custom situation.
By combining our specialties with our history of project execution performance we are creating the standard for Rig Intake Excellence, providing superior inspection & verification services in line with API, DNV and ABS recommendations.

Our main areas of focus include:

  • Rig Intake Planning and Mgmt.
  • Mech. & Elec. inspection service
  • BOP verification
  • Software and Controls assurance
  • Deepwater & Land
  • Commissioning & Acceptance Testing

The Alliance solution offers operators one expert source for rig intake project execution. Or the flexibility to select and choose services to fit current need. Both with the assurance that the assigned team has the experience, tools and cohesion to execute with required diligence. By engaging the Alliance you will reduce your overall intake risk. The Alliance is the solution to the Walmart approach of rig intake acceptance.


  • Drilling and Completion Engineering Services
  • Complete Rig Intake Turnkey solution
  • Intake Management
  • NPT Failure Analysis
  • Engineering Reviews
  • Software MOC
  • Mgmt. Systems Review
  • ABS ISQM & DNV ISDS Delivery
  • Software ISO Assessment
  • Refurbishment Inspection
  • DP & PMS Stability
  • BOP verification
  • Training Development
  • MODU Security Solutions


  • Better Customer Service
  • Team Cohesion
  • Experienced Personnel
  • Proven Processes
  • Unbiased Observation
  • Reduced Rig Intake Risk
  • Reduced Cost
  • Operational Confidence