DIETSWELL CONTRACTING has an extensive knowledge of the rig refurbishment activity. The scope ranges from a simple repair to major works for the upgrade and replacement of old and damaged equipment, amongst which:

  • – Rig Conversion – Jack Up conversion to MOPU
  • – Repair and replacement of damaged equipment
  • – Modification of Modular Rigs
  • – Reactivation of Platform Rigs
  • – Inspection of Drilling Mast and Structure in accordance with API RP 4G

DIETSWELL CONTRACTING also provides complete Project Management and Rig Management Services starting from the well engineering studies to the drilling operations and well testing & completion.

Our team members constitute the heart of our operations. That’s why, we are focused on training our people and retaining the best employees, so we can maintain delivering strong HSE track record and keep satisfaction of our client at the highest level.


DIETSWELL has been managing several drilling campaigns for the account of companies, covering the whole range of services, from drilling program elaboration to drilling execution.

DIETSWELL mobilizes dedicated skilled personnel and/or managemenet team, from key operators to a full rig crew.



DIETSWELL implements integrated rig maintenance services with aim to reduce the total cost of ownership. After elaborating or adopting your maintenance strategy, DIETSWELL also embraces the operationnal aspects by supplying workforce and procurement services to your operationnal base.

The scope of supply traditionnaly covers:

– Review including inventory assessment

– Strategy review, optimization or elaboration

– Monitoring and maintenance operations

– Training

DIETSWELL handles full turnkey or daily based drilling operations to match the client’s expectations and to deliver the best quality of service. The scope of supply encompasses:

– Well Engineering

– Drilling Services

– Budgeting

– Procurement – Contracting – Logistics

– QHSE management

DIETSWELL has extensive experience in dealing with the state condition of existing drilling units, either to properly protect such unit from ageing, or to completely re-activate poorly conditionned units up to operationnal state.

– Cold Stacking

– Warm Stacking

– Rig Restart

– Rig Revamping & Refurbishment

– Rig Recertification

The scope range from simple Rig repair to major works for the upgrade and replacement of old and damaged equipments.

The rig refurbishment services include:

  • – Re-certification of structure in accordance with API 4F
  • – Rig Conversion
  • – Repair and replacement of damaged equipment
  • Rig Refurbishment