Word of our President

From the Chief Executive Officer


Dear Customer, Dear Friends


At the time I write these lines, mid 2017, one can see a deep revolution in the energy market all over the world. The oil market is still looking for a light at the end of a tunnel that started mi 2014 when the barrel of oil lost suddenly more than 60% of its value.

In the same time, after the Paris climate agreement signed by 195 UNFCCC members and ratified by 153, the need for replacement of fossil energy by renewable energies has strongly modified our market.

While we have seen a sharp reduction of the Oil & Gas service market, we have noticed new demands coming from the wind industry and to a lesser extent, from the thermal energy of the seas. All these demand mainly concern offshore projects.

During the recent past, as our current trading was sharply affected by the low activity in the O&G business, we have decided to steer our engineering resources on the development of high added value services and products that would render the company stronger and a step above our nearest competitors.

We have spared no effort to analyse the market and develop the expertise and efficient tools that our customer would be in need of to achieve the own objectives and constrains of cost reduction. We believe that what we are offering now under our audit and inspection branch. Our comprehensive resources can efficiently manage challenging operational projects in the upstream O&G industry and match the best in class. We are confident that our customers will recognise the merit in using our API certified services.

Also, we gathered all the expertise and experience of the company in the offshore oil business into one group working on the challenging project of conceiving a steel made semi-submersible platform for the offshore wind industry. This has yielded a matchless economical concept named TrussFloat. Such development has recently been recognized by the highest authorities in France with the award of a substantial financial loan aiming at marketing the concept, under the name EolFloat. This is timely as the demand, in Europe and elsewhere in Asia and Americas for offshore wind electricity is surging.


All detailed information on these products and services are available on this website.


I therefore encourage everyone of you, in need of support, engineering studies, project organisation in our field of energy production, at large, to get in touch with us at any time,


Energy, People, Challenges is our baseline, thanks to your trust and confidence.


Jean Claude Bourdon

Chief Executive Officer