Word of our President

I am very proud to summarize here my views of what, you, current or future customer can expect from Dietswell.

For over 16 years now, Dietswell has brought its large expertise in well construction and rig design to an always growing number of customers all around the world.

We, at Dietswell are very proud of the always renewed confidence of our customers. This is true for all our area of expertise. This fact is the result of the strong commitment and dedication of all our team members highly motivated to work in a high tech service company like Dietswell. The strong dedication of our people to finding adequate and tailor made solutions to our customer’s needs is the only commitment of the whole company.

As the industry is always looking for more cost effective solutions, Dietswell is working in this spirit where top quality of services at highly competitive price is a must. As our track records proves, we endeavour and like to differentiate ourselves from our competitors on the ground of precise understanding of our client’s needs from the very early stage of a project. This approach, where Dietswell is implicated at the conceptual level of the projects has clearly demonstrated its merit on the cost reduction paradigm. This is more than true for the engineering studies.

Same approach is also preferred in audit and inspection of rigs where the industry has seen a lot of new comers in the drilling contracting business in the past years. The post Macondo era now requires a much more organised management of the rigs operations and equipment maintenance and certification. Our approach, at Dietswell is to work on the reduction of the non-productive time of the drilling rigs by anticipating the possible failures of equipment or management systems.

I can only recommend to you, dear customer, to get in touch with us at any moment, should you have a question or technical enquiry on any subject related to well construction or drilling rig, we will for sure, be in position to find an economically workable solution, should we have the chance to discuss.

Do not hesitate !

Best regards

Jean-Claude Bourdon
Executive Vice-President